Amanda Jennings

Amanda Jennings, Innovation Director, Mamas & Papas

Amanda Jennings, Innovation Director, Mamas & Papas

Founded as a family business in 1981, Mamas & Papas was born out of a desire to better meet the needs of new parents. Understanding that parents wanted good quality products with a unique sense of identity, they made it their goal to create a range which did just that. Mamas & Papas designs award-winning products loved by millions of parents around the world. Their inspiration comes from real life; using their own experiences of parenting, customer insights and rigorous trialing at our UK test lab, they continue to create innovative products with thoughtful designs.

Amanda leads the strategy and development of new innovative business models and service propositions for Mamas & Papas, in order to drive significant growth and incremental profit by creating solutions to unmet needs. Using transformational innovation practices and user centred design, Amanda oversees the development and integration of compelling innovations, informing and influencing project pipelines and ensuring Mamas & Papas is acting upon relevant, emerging opportunities. Amanda previously led the Product innovation & development for Mamas & Papas, created the company’s first New product Development department and consumer insight team, and created a pipeline of co-created future products that unlocked Mamas & Papas’ global expansion

The Mamas and Papas story: How to deepen the relationship with your customers and grow your business

How well do you know your customers, and how well do you understand your customer’s life outside of using your current product and services? When did you last go looking for a new need to serve? Amanda will take you through a recent case study from Mamas & Papas, demonstrating that in just 10 months, by asking bigger questions, Mamas & Papas has been able to access new markets, create incremental growth, and better serve their millennial customer.